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ABOUT KEVIN DYKES, a 30+-year resident of Chester County, a proud father and grandfather:
Kevin Dykes has a proven track record as a 42-year seasoned law enforcement veteran, serving the community with strong ethical leadership. He is a skilled collaborator with other government and law enforcement agencies, keeping the peace and ensuring the safety of our community. 

Most recently, Kevin served an integral part of the Incident Command center, providing communication and coordination with other law enforcement in the field resulting in the capture of the escaped murderer from the Chester County jail.

Kevin is not a politician. He is a humble man who works tirelessly to get the job done. Currently serving as Chief Deputy for 3 ½ years, Kevin has been with the Chester County Sheriff’s Office; assisting the Sheriff with the administration of a $6+ million budget, supervising deputies, civilian personnel, planning and implementing response efforts for emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, and particularly, protest demonstrations after the death of George Floyd.

Additionally, he was instrumental in bringing the NJ State Association of Chiefs of Police Command and Leadership Academy to Chester County. This training program is designed to develop first responders as tomorrow’s leaders.
Kevin served 18 years as a detective for the Chester County District Attorney’s office,
ultimately serving as the first African American Chief Detective. He directed many high-profile criminal investigations including the notable 2017 homicides of road rage victim Bianca Robison and neighborhood dispute victim G. Brook Jennings.

Kevin served 20 years as a Pennsylvania State Trooper. Assigned at the Avondale and Embreeville Barracks of Chester County, he served on patrol and criminal investigations. As a result, he was promoted to supervisor of the financial crime investigations and the undercover narcotics unit.

Kevin is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, an Academy focused
on leadership development, critical thinking, legal issues, cyber threats, and law enforcement communication. This led him to serve as an instructor on homicide, firearms, and narcotics, including the “Top Gun” narcotics investigator school.
As your new Sheriff I will:

  • Retain highest standards and requirements for the employment of our deputies.

  • Maintain the financial integrity of the office established by the current administration.

  • Ensure reliable security for our Chester County Courthouse, and government buildings.

  • Expand recruiting efforts and provide exceptional training, mentorship, and leadership development opportunities for current and future deputies. 

  • Develop and implement a Mass Incidents Response Team for countywide emergencies such as protests, demonstrations, civil unrest, and major disasters.

  • Establish greater collaboration with municipal law enforcement enabling faster response during emergencies and special events.

“I am asking for your vote to allow me to continue serving Chester County in the Sheriff’s office; ensuring public safety through dedicated, seasoned, and ethical leadership!”

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